Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Terratec Cinergy 400 USB Mk2 and Linux

I spent some time yesterday investigating my TV device, as it would please me greatly not having to reboot to OS X to record stuff.

As it had support for some devices from the same company, I thought the Em2880 driver was a good place to start looking. So i put in a sensible configuration and made it use that driver. No luck.

After some additional fiddling, I decided to open the box and see what I had. Most of the circuits seemed pretty normal (SAA7113H, TDA9874AH, ALC202), but there was a IC3160-64TQ I didn't recognize.

After some googling, I found it in a product list as TV tuner USB. I didn't manage to find any datasheet or other documentation though.

Somewhat later, I found this review of the Compro Videomate Action Pro and Ultra, which explained that the IC 3160 was previously known as AVIClink AL5000. At least that explains the ViP5000 I see from it.

Next step; there doesn't seem to be any drivers available for that chipset, so it's write your own if I want one. I do, but am not sure how long that would take (although thanks to this page, I've found usbsnoop, which could help a lot). And if I get another card (they seem to be rather cheap nowadays) I have a feeling I won't be as eager to work on this.

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